Sports Premium

At Bishop Rawle C.E. (A) Primary we are committed to improving the opportunities for sports. We aim to promote healthy lifestyles and physical wellbeing in all pupils, encourage a lifelong love of sports and to challenge and stimulate learning for both pupils and staff within our school.  

The sports provision at Bishop Rawle C.E. (A) Primary is already considerable. Pupils are able to take part in a range of activities which include:  

Training and team fixtures for cross country, football (for both boys and girls), netball, cricket, rounders, athletics and swimming 

Swimming lessons at KS2,

 Adventurous outdoor pursuit residential activities play an important part of our schools physical education programme in Key Stage 2. Years 4,5, and 6 visit Outdoor Education Centres including Stanley Head, Laches Wood, Standon Bowers and Shugborough.

 We employ a specialist sport provider, Premier Sports, who run after school activities which alter half termly. These include dodge ball, gymnastics, basket ball, multisports and fencing.