Our School Uniform

Parents are requested to co-operate as fully as possible to see that their children wear the correct uniform at all times. Thus maintaining the highest possible standard of dress and personal demeanour. Further details concerning the school uniform can be found within the school’s Prospectus.

Many of the items of uniform are available from stock and may be ordered/purchased from the School Office. The cost of the various items of clothing will vary according to quality and sizes. Grey coloured clothing, being a popular colour and easily obtainable from various shops in the area is our uniform colour. (Please see Annexe sheet for more details). In summer there is available an alternative uniform.

If there is a problem in providing any of the items of uniform, then parents are asked to contact the school which may be able to help in providing garments from our ‘nearly new’’ stock.

ALL school uniform and P.E. clothing is to be CLEARLY marked with the name of the pupil. Other personal property should be marked so as to be easily identifiable.

Neither make-up nor jewellery may be worn in school

No jewellery (e.g. ear-rings etc.) may be worn in a Physical Education (P.E.) lesson primarily on the grounds of safety, also parents are asked to do all they can to prevent any valuables being brought to school as the school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage.

There are a number of reasons why we prefer to see our children in school uniform:


  1. To avoid social distinction. One of the most obvious ways this can be shown, is in dress.

  2. To build up and maintain a sense of school identity, this is very important.

  3. To ensure that clothes worn in school are suitable for school activities.

  4. To encourage good standards in other matters.


Having explained the reasons behind the wearing of school uniform, I hope you will support us in out attempts to have all our pupils in uniform.

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Grey skirt Grey trousers

Grey cardigan with embroidered emblem

Grey jumper with embroidered emblem

White blouse with collar

White or grey shirt

White socks (Grey tights in winter)

Grey or black socks

School tie

School tie

Black shoes

Black shoes

In the summer the uniform for the girls may be blue and white gingham dresses and for the boys a blue Polo shirt with embroidered school emblem.

We are reviewing the school uniform to extend the choice offered to the children. For example, the possibility of introducing trousers of a standard design for the girls.

Hairstyles and clothing

Parents are requested to ensure that hairstyles are appropriate to ensure the highest standard of personal appearance and to help the school achieve the corporate aim stated below and in the school Prospectus.

It is requested that jeans/leather type/denim, etc. clothing are not worn by the pupils. Such garments are not appropriate for school wear, being generally regarded as indicative of group association. Such associations are obviously contrary, during school hours at least, to our policy of trying to develop a corporate spirit embracing all pupils within the school.

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